114v 6 kWh 31 Lithium ion cells Li Tech Battery 50A BENZ

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Li-Tech 31 cells
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6 kWh Lithium-ion Li-Tech Battery 50A 4.2V Golf Cart battery backup storage

Max voltage 4.2V - minimum at 2.9V 

Measured 50Ah.

Capacity: 6 kWh

Continuous current 100A, short time 200A

Charging current 50A

Dimensions:14 x 9 x 7", 

Weight 110 Lbs

Dimension per cell 9 x 7 x1/4 inch

114 volt for pack

1 cell is 50 amp 

2 cell is 100 amp

4 cell is 200 map

31 individual cells

Please read the disclosure:

  • DO NOT REMOVE the Security Serial number.
  • DO NOT connect terminal directly to an electric outlet or cigarette charger.
  • DO NOT put battery in a microwave, oven, dryer, or high pressure container. 
  • DO NOT heat or throw cell into a fire. 
  • DO NOT use, leave cell close to fire or inside of a car where temperature may be over 60'C.
  • DO NOT charge or discharge in such a condition. 
  • DO NOT short circuit the (+) and (-) in the wrong way around.
  • DO NOT pierce cell with a sharp object such as a nail.
  • DO NOT cause storage shock. (ex. hot with a hammer, step on, throw or DROP ).
  • DO NOT disassemble the battery.
  • DO NOT use a battery with scar or deformation. 
  • Stop using the battery if odor or deformation is detected during use or storage.
  • Keep away from fire immediately when leakage or foul odors are detected.
  • If liquid leaks onto your skin or clothes, wash well with fresh water immediately. 
  • If liquid leaking from the battery get into your eyes, do not rub your eyes.
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