48v Nissan Mini pack

We done it.

We were able to assemble a Mini Pack with 7 of the Nissan Leaf Batteries. With our engineers help we made a Mini pack including the Container that can hold 7 Nissan Leaf batteries series them and using our design connection board and BMS ( Battery management System) with few extra protection we have a safe Mini pack that can hold up to 3 kWh energy. 

The Mini pack is design and assembles in our warehouse in California. We are using them to power the lighting in office and a positive point of portability. Carry it to anywhere and connect to an inverter and you have power in your hand. No need a generator power by Gas, Propane, or other fuel. Charge it via Solar panel or any 60 volts power supply. 

Please visit out Mini Power Pack for more details. 

Apr 1st 2019 Farhoush

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